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The New Jersey State Legislature is considering multiple bills addressing the issues of the FACE Campaign.


Assembly Bill 4364 (2007) 

“Restoring the Ranks of Full-Time Faculty Act.” Ensures that 75% of coursework is taught by full-time faculty and provides preferential consideration to current part-time, adjunct faculty for newly created full-time positions.


Assembly Bill 608 (2006)

Requires colleges to provide part-time graduate instructors with training in teaching skills before they give classroom instruction to undergraduates.


Assembly Bill 4192 (2007)

Provides contingent faculty with eligibility to participate in the State Health Benefits program. Applies to faculty whose workload is 25% or more of the established workload of full-time faculty.


Senate Bill 2932 (2006) (same as Assembly Bill 1207)

Requires part-time faculty salaries to be determined on a pro rata basis and be comparable to full-time faculty salaries.



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